The 2023 Reunion Banquet Gala

"Don’t miss Catadupa’s best event of the year"

Basileia Palace

182 Patterson Avenue, Ironshore Montego Bay, Jamaica


The 2023 Reunion Banquet Gala and retreat is a special occasion to bring back memories and camaraderie to members and well-wishers of our communities. This gathering of members of our communities promises to be a grand one.  It will be a time to remember, a time to laugh let down your hair, and have fun.

There will be lots of entertainment by; actors comedians various artists, a repertoire of talents, presentations, raffles, and lots of music and food.

You don’t want to miss this grand occasion.

Part of the aim of this retreat is to raise funds for the development of the youth of our Catadupa community. The funds raised from this event will be used for the refurbishing of the community center. This center will be used as a skill training ground in collaboration with HEART Trust of Jamaica.

You can get your ticket from any members of the Citizens and Friends of Catadupa Association or you can go online to our website at or

We are expecting over 200 members and leaders from

 Abroad and from the Jamaican community to pour in for the growth, recovery, and expansion of our Catadupa Community, we will call together leaders and groups that have an interest or already working in the community. 

We will speak on the way forward and how we can attract individuals and business to invest in the community. 

The setting will be a three day event, From October 14th to the 16th. The first two days will be in Catadupa District and final day October 16th will be a banquet in Montego Bay, Jamaica. We hope that this event will spark a new and renewed interest in the Catadupa community and provide a way forward for its redevelopment. It is also our aim to reconnect to Catadupa and with one another. 

We hope to see as many of you as possible.