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Catadupa is 22 miles South/East of Montego Bay in the hilly interior of the Island of Jamaica, at the edge of the Cockpit Country. It's a place of rivers, hills, lush greenery, a strong variety of fruits, livestock, ground provision, and sugar cane. Folk medicine is primary in these paths. Chaney Root, Blood Wiss, Mauby Bark, Sarsaparilla, Strong Back, Cerassie, Sage, Ginger, Peppermint, Cola-nut (Bizzy) are just a few of the herbs used by themselves, or in combination, to cure all kinds of ailments from aches to colds to nerves to blood pressure to blood purification to wounds and tonic and so on.

The Trains were a highlight of the area and a major means of transportation, northward thru' Montego Bay in one direction and eastward thru' Kingston in the other. The special excursions each week took tourists from Montego Bay to Appleton and back. Catadupa was a unique stop. Women would choose the fabric and were measured for dresses and men for shirts on their way up by the many skillful dressmakers. The finished clothing was collected on their return. All in a matter of hours. Here they would also buy fresh, ripe, juicy fruits and local crafts.