Catadupa School & Library Rehabilitation Project

The Citizens and Friends of Catadupa Association Inc. is a non-profit organization. We are in the process of raising funds to refurbish an existing building to be used as a Community Development Center in Catadupa, St. James Jamaica. The program will be run by Heart Trust. Our organization was founded during the Covid 19 pandemic to assist the community with well-needed resources.

We are now focused on providing a facility where young people will be trained in various skills. As you know the young mind can be molded to do great things, but if left untrained and idle it can have an adverse effect on society.

The community center which was built some years ago is now in disrepair. We believe that this building can be used as a training institution to develop the youth and motivate them for good. 

Our goal is to raise US $50,000.00 towards this worthwhile venture. 

We are therefore asking for a donation toward the achievement of this goal.



The Association comprises persons who grew up in Catadupa and now live in the Diaspora, as well as residents who still live in Jamaica. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our organization donated 76 tablets to the Catadupa Primary & Junior High School, to assist with the school’s online learning program. Since then, the Association officially adopted the school through the National Education Trust, (NET). Some of the projects we have undertaken include the renovation of the school’s library, and staff room, providing water tanks, incubators for rearing chickens to support the school’s feeding program, and agriculture equipment, among other things. 

We are now building a bus shed for the community.